Apr 16, 2023

So you may ask where did Kreating Creatures come from? That is a very good question and I don’t really have the answer. With most creative processes it comes from nowhere, it suddenly hits you. I have the idea of different fun creatures then whilst walking in the park, or sitting in bed an idea pops in. The idea is always a hairy-based (animals) idea as I love hairy people in the world. When I say hairy people, I can’t forget the feathered people too! Then the process has to begin with writing down a description of the creatures features. Do they have three legs, four two? What about their body, short, tall, round or thin? The name usually comes first, but in a few cases it came last. The joy of creativity is it comes in different ways. Their voice comes along with their body when I read the audiobooks. I love writing short stories that can be educational, but also fun. Story telling is an art that has been handed down for centuries and why not keep this tradition alive. Fables for kids or fairytales are great simple entertainment for kids. Reading is a very important part of growing up but I also used to love listening to stories on the radio. Bad Jelly the Witch by Spike Milligan was one of my favourites as a child. The way an actor can tell a story with different voices and then add music brings it to life from the page. The stories are best at bedtime when you can close your eyes and let your imagination take flight. It might help you relax when an audiobook is on.



Many of the characters I think about a lot before I start writing. This also ties in with the world they live in. They all have a purpose to make the world a better place so in what way can they do this? What is the environment they live in like? How do they go about their everyday life? I hope this helps when you might think about Kreating your Own Creatures. When you listen to a story don’t be afraid to stop and write something down that might jump into your mind. I do it all the time. It can be a distraction, but it is good to keep a little journal going. The ideas might never be used or one might keep coming back so you have to create something with it.



Quark Zeezoo Ba Zeezoo is one character who has stuck throughout the process so each Kreating Creatures book has to have Quark helping out. Quark is fun but also very helpful and one day might even become a children’s author too. Finding the character’s personality helps with the voice. They might be very positive and can’t stop talking. Perhaps they are very thoughtful and have to wait a minute or two before the idea forms in their head. If I was to sit down with Quark for an interview, I am sure it would go crazy as Quark has so many ideas at once. Also, Quark wants to help any friend who asks in times when they are struggling. Having a friend like Quark is like finding a diamond amongst the rocks. There aren’t many friends who can stay loyal so if you find a friend like Quark then you’ve been very lucky in life.



All stories are based on how creatures appear in the dreams of W.E.Kiwi. When they appear, the next step is how might they interact with a chubby little Kiwi Bird. Interaction between characters can be instant or they take some time to warm up to each other. As these are short stories, they have to be pretty quick as I haven’t got two or three hours to play with. In saying that it is fun when the characters immediately become friends. Sometimes this happens in real life you meet someone and immediately hit it off. It could be the same taste in music or for me it’s a silly sense of humour (there is nothing wrong with some stupidity now and again). When waking up from his dream, W.E. has learnt something from the Creature and can use it in everyday life.



When it comes to the music, it can take a short time as a lot of the music I search fits perfectly, many songs have a fairy-tale feel. Others I keep searching as they may not seem right. I like to close my eyes and imagine the world of the creature before searching for the music. I might in the future try the other way around. Have a song then imagine the creature and it’s shape. Young kids stories I find fascinating, to start as written stories, then there can be the music, the sound effects, the character voice all put into the audiobook. Studying theatre at University, a long time ago, we would discuss radio plays. These are great as you don’t have to worry about a budget like a movie or tv show ( or even theatre) as you just need sound effects and voices. You could say;



“I’m on top of this erupting volcano and have to get off now by catching this helicopter!”



You don’t need a volcano or helicopter in the budget now do you? Of course not, just say it and your listeners can imagine it. With Kreating Creatures I use this to have world like where a Blue Bellied Boopa Snoopa would live. High up in the mountains, rivers flowing, even goats on the hills, later a cave as the rain pours down. There was Pichu and Pachu the Imaginhunds who had roundabouts, lakes, mysterious trees all made up. There really are no limits.



So this is my first little blog finished. Now it’s time for you to go and Kreate your own Creatures. Tell your friends, your family, teachers, anyone about them! I can’t wait to see what you can come up with. Don’t forget to follow us then you will see all the new Creatures and Kiwis we have.



Have a great day!



PS: Yes we know we spell Creating wrong, well we spell it the W.E.Kiwi way, with a K !



Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, Jon grew up writing little stories in his room by himself, with help of his beloved cat and dog.

Years later at the University of Otago, while studying theatre, he would write, perform and also direct plays & comedy shows. Moving back to Auckland he continued in theatre, TV, and stand-up comedy. After winning a Fringe comedy award and being nominated for the second time in the Billy T Comedy Awards he decided to take a break. This meant travelling overseas, which led him to live in Asia, Middle East, Europe and the UK.
While all the time writing, Jon noticed that not many people around the world knew about Kiwi Birds. This led to the creation of W.E.Kiwi.

Returning back to NZ to look after K.B.Kiwi – who was very sick, meant every night was ”the writing time”, when all the energy was back to writing stories, kids’ books and poems about animals (and kreating creatures).

Jon’s fun Kiwi spirit and his sense of humour help in creating more and more Kiwi-centred content. We really hope you can join us on the journey.
Stay tuned for more.