Bird Signs

From a young age W.E. Kiwi was a dreamer and looked at the shining stars every night. One year he looked to the stars and he realised he saw the constellation of Matariki in the sky over Aotearoa ( New Zealand ). He researched Matariki more and named all the nine stars in the constellation for the Maori New Year. He read about the legend of the seven sisters constellation in Matariki and how ancient Grecians had the name “Pleiades“ for the seven sisters. Even in Japan they called the seven stars “Subaru“. He realised the importance of the seven as there are seven sisters, seven days of the week and seven continents in the world.

W.E. Kiwi looking out the window

The next year he decided to start working on Seven Bird Signs for everyone in the world. This way people could learn about the special native birds of Aotearoa. Each bird was a friend of W.E. Kiwi from the native forests of Aotearoa. He was so excited after seven long nights he was finished. He started the Bird Signs on 9th June just before the first day of Matariki that year.

So look at your birthday and see what bird sign is yours. W.E. Kiwi worked even harder matching a continent and native animal, lucky day of the week and spirit tree of the Aotearoa forest.

W.E.Kiwi Calendar

WEKiwi Bird Sign Kea June - July
WEKiwi Bird Sign Kakapo Aug - Sept
WEKiwi Bird Sign Takahe Sept - Nov
WEKiwi Bird Sign Tui Nov - Jan
WEKiwi Bird Sign Ruru Jan - Feb
WEKiwi Bird Sign Hoihoi Feb - April
WEKiwi Bird Sign Whoi April - June