W.E.Kiwi is a fun new platform that helps you to explore and learn with the help of our Kiwi Birds. We have audiobooks, read along poems, picture books and much much more. We want everyone from 2 years old to 102 years old to jump aboard this discovery train as anyone can learn something from W.E.Kiwi.

W.E. Kiwi by the fire

So where does the name W.E.Kiwi, or W.E. to his friends, come from? Each Kiwi starts with two initials of a person. It could be a first name and last name, maybe first and middle name, or even a funny nickname (like Hairy Nose = H.N.Kiwi). Soon you will find out about all the different kiwi like K.B.Kiwi, A.J.Kiwi, J.W.Kiwi and all the family.

Little Kiwi carrying books
Little Kiwi Talking
Kiwi Grand Parents Hug
Kiwi Shopping
Kiwi Exercising with music

The bigger people can follow along on social media to see when we release new content. W.E.Kiwi has also been very busy put Kiwi’s into famous art and making our own. We want to see Kiwi Birds everywhere across the globe from now on.


Want to learn more about Kreating Creatures?

Check out our blog post HERE and learn more about the creatures from W.E.Kiwi creator – Jon Stubbs.

Kreating Creatures 1
Kreating Creatures 2
Kreating Creatures 4
Kreating Creatures 3

So let’s begin and open up The World to your Favourite Kiwi. Never forget W.E.Kiwi is Where Friends come in all Sizes, Shapes and Species!